Current projects

Executive control: individual differences

Oana Benga, Georgiana Susa, Irina Pitică

Rethinking the flexibility of the cognitive system

Thea Ionescu and the FCA group

Giftedness and grounded learning

Thea Ionescu and the FCA group

Language aquisition from a grounded perspective

Thea Ionescu and the FCA group

Participants: third and fourth grade primary school children.

Relating internalizing problems to working memory and short term memory

Laura Visu-Petra, Alexandra Sabou, Cristina Trifan

Participants: primary school children

Cognitive-affective flexibility across the lifespan. A literature review

Laura Visu-Petra, Oana Mărcuș, Melania Moldovan

 Training cognitive-affective flexibility

Laura Visu-Petra, Oana Mărcuș 

Participants: high school children

Cognitive-affective flexibility and attentional bias in the processing of emotional information

Laura Visu-Petra, Oana Mărcuș

Oana Stanciu (Central European University, Budapesta)

Colin MacLeod & Heather Liebregts (University of Western Australia)

Participants: fifth and seventh grade school age children and young adults

Assesment of memory for scenarios with emotional valence in primary school children with a high level of anxiety
Lavinia Cheie, Laura Visu-Petra
Participants: primary school children

Assesment of executive functions in preschoolers from different cultural contexts: Romania – Russia
Lavinia Cheie & Laura Visu-Petra (Romania), Aleksander Veraksa, Aleksandra Gorovaya , Sergey Leonov (Russia)
Participants: preschool children

The emergence of simulation abilities in relation with executive functions
Laura Visu-Petra
Participants: preschool and primary school children

Meta-analysis of the moral development and anxiety literature
Oana Rebega