Thea Ionescu, PhD

Main Researcher


Department of Psychology

Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Research interests:

The Variability-Stability-Flexibility Pattern in Development

Development of Categorization; Conceptual Development

Embodied/Grounded Cognition – implications for development and education

Giftedness; Insight in creative problem solving

Early education



Subgroup in the lab: FCA (Flexibility and Grounded Cognition – “Cognitie ancorata” in Romanian)

    • members: Alexandra Marian, Doris Rogobete, Roxana Mateiu-Vescan (PhD candidates).
    • collaborators: Ligia Suciu (psychologist); Mihaela Ţăranu (PhD, Denmark).
    • collaborators from the Computer Science Dept, UBB: Anca Andreica, Laura Diosan, Horia Pop (Professors), Camelia Chira (Associate Professor), Bogdan Mursa (PhD candidate), Serban Senciuc, Delia Turea (Master students).