Current projects

Executive control: individual differences
Oana Benga, Georgiana Susa, Irina Pitică
Participants: third and fourth grade primary school children.

Assesment of memory for scenarios with emotional valence in primary school children with a high level of anxiety
Lavinia Cheie, Laura Visu-Petra
Participants: primary school children

Assesment of executive functions in preschoolers from different cultural contexts: Romania – Russia
Lavinia Cheie & Laura Visu-Petra (Romania), Aleksander Veraksa, Aleksandra Gorovaya , Sergey Leonov (Russia)
Participants: preschool children

The emergence of simulation abilities in relation with executive functions
Laura Visu-Petra
Participants: preschool and primary school children

The development of cognitive flexibility – flexible categorisation in preschoolers
Thea Ionescu
Participants: preschool children

Embodiment and development: The role of gestures in the interaction between cognition, perception and action
Thea Ionescu, Dermina Vasc

Embodiment and development:
The role of perceptual grouping in solving algebraic equations
Thea Ionescu

The influence of positive mood eliciting activities in the kindergarten on children’s development
Thea Ionescu
Participants: preschool children

Meta-analysis of the moral development and anxiety literature
Oana Rebega